About medifixit

About Us

Medifixit is the result of the vision of Maj Gen (Dr) Shamsher Singh & Capt. Sameer Singh aiming to strengthen the health care industry by offering a one-stop solution for all healthcare related issues. After using several online sites and Apps for various healthcare facilities, the need to have a one stop solution for all the services combined was felt. The company aims to offer all healthcare services to the users on a single platform and empower them to quickly find healthcare service providers in a given geographical area in times of need. Through an advanced platform, the multitudes of problems in the present fragmented health care sector can be addressed and the growing gap between aspirations/ expectations of patients and care / services offered by Healthcare establishments bridged. 

Medifixit was founded with the objective of providing 
user friendly features and services, to all personnel, irrespective of which country they reside in, and that too without the healthcare service providers needing to incur costs which are routinely seen for such services. 

Having designed the framework of the platform around the requirements of healthcare service providers and users as well, keeping the doctor-patient confidentiality paramount, secure online storage of your health records would make it convenient to access them from anywhere in the world should the need arise. 



Maj Gen (Dr) Shamsher Singh (Retd), Co-founder, has had a long distinguished career with the Indian Army and with Corporate hospitals. He retired as the Addl. Director General Medical Services of the Indian Army and had been in command of various military hospitals and training centres during his vast career. 

Maj Gen (Dr) Shamsher Singh has had the responsiblity to train approximately 6000 doctors, 4000 Nurses and about 600 Dental Surgeons and to administer and manage healthcare activities across all Armed Forces Hospitals and establishments. As Additional Director General of Medical Services (Army), he had been responsible for Operations, Planning & Projects and Head HR for 35000 beds in over 200 hospitals spread across the country. This invaluable experience has gone into the development of Medifixit as well.

Captain Sameer Singh, Co-Founder, is a Master Mariner with over 22yrs experience in various capacities, including being a Captain for a number of years on Dive Support Vessels/Multi-Purpose Support Vessels engaged in subsea construction activities. He is the co-founder behind the conceptualization and the principle designer of Medifixit.

Having the final authority for all work to be carried out whilst ensuring the highest levels of safety is adhered to, he has a rich diverse experience of working on state of the art ships with most advanced technological capabilities engaged in sub-sea construction activities, for oil field & wind farms development, in various areas around the world and brings this detailing to the development of Medifixit.