Selfies : stress reliever & mood booster
  • Sep 19, 2016
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 Researchers at the University of California, found that taking and sending selfies  can act as a mood booster and stress reliever, and help beat the blues.
In the Study published in Psychology of Well-Being, Researchers at the University of California, found that daily taking and sharing of certain types of images positively affected the college students. Participants in the selfie group reported becoming more confident and comfortable with their smiling photos over time; those taking photos of objects that made them happy became more reflective and appreciative; and those who took photos to make others happy became calmer and said the connection to their friends and family helped relieve stress. The daily smiling selfie; taking an image that made the photographer happy; and something the photographer believed would bring happiness to another person — experienced increased positive moods.
College students face various stressors including being away from home for the first time, feelings of loneliness and isolation, financial difficulties and the rigor of coursework. Researchers have found this can negatively impact students' academic performance and lead to depression. Simply taking and sending selfies on a smartphone can buffer academic stressors.
Selfies can be especially important to teenagers, and college students because it gives them a way to control the image of themselves, and what they’re choosing to show the world.
Selfies serve as a new form of communication. It can help develop personal empowerment and social dialogue, by inviting others to partake in a larger conversation based on the context of the photo.
Selfies also promote body acceptance and self-love.
So, if you're feeling down and in the dumps, stop and take a selfie and post it `online’.

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