• Mar 02, 2016
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After using several online sites and Apps for various healthcare facilities, the need to have a one stop solution for all the services combined was felt. Medifixit was thus founded in 2015, with the sole objective of providing much better features and more user friendly services, to all personnel, irrespective of which country they reside in, and that too without needing to incur costs which are routinely seen in the services being provided by other vendors.

Our aim is to provide easy user friendly online service for all patients around the world, who already being burdened with medical expenses, should not be saddled with further costs normally associated with such online features and facilities. If a person suffering from ill health is able to benefit from such a service without any extra cost to him/her, and recommends the services to others, we would consider this to be a success.

We would request all users of this site to spread awareness about this site, and the convenience that it offers, be it from a patient’s view point or a healthcare service provider’s perspective.

With exponential scalability available on this platform, and complete customisation for usage in any part of the world, we will be able to get each and every person in this world online on this and benefit from the convenience of using the services on offer.

Having designed the framework of the platform around the requirements of healthcare service providers and users as well, keeping the doctor-patient confidentiality paramount. Secure online storage of your health records would make it convenient to access them from anywhere in the world should the need arise. This could prove to be lifesaving in a critical situation.

New features will be added on a fortnightly basis, such that the user experience is continuously enhanced and ease of use becomes the first thought that comes to mind when anyone uses this platform.
Please revert back with your valuable feedback and for more features, so that we can continually enhance this for your use

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