Five year cancer survival rates
  • Jun 23, 2016

Five Year Cancer Survival Rates

  1. Percentage of patients deceased within five years after diagnosis:
a)Gallbladder cancer__97%
b)Pancreatic cancer __93%
c)Liver cancer __83.90%
d) Lung cancer __83.40%
e)Esophageal cancer__82.70%
f)Stomach cancer__72.30%
g)Brain cancer__66.50%
h)Ovarian cancer__55.80%
j)Laryngeal cancer__39.40%
k)Oral cancer__37.80%
l)Colon cancer__35.10%
m)Bone cancer__33.60%
n)Cervical cancer__32.10%
o)Non-Hodgkin lymphoma__30.70%
p)Kidney cancer__28.20%
q)Bladder cancer__22.10%
r)Uterine cancer__18.50%
s)Breast cancer__10.80%
t)Skin cancer__8.70%
u)Thyroid cancer__2.30%
v)Prostate cancer__0.80%
 (US Statistics from the period between 2003 and 2009)

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