Baby’s amniotic membrane to help save sight of trauma patients

Baby’s amniotic membrane to help save sight of trauma patients

  • Jul 06, 2016
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Baby’s Amniotic Membrane to Help Save Sight of  Trauma Patients

Trauma patients with serious eye injuries including abrasions, burns, perforation and planned surgery in the eye will now benefit from a ground breaking sight-saving wound dressing made from amniotic membrane of babies delivered through Cesarean Section.
Amnion — the innermost layer of membrane from the amniotic sac is rich in collagen and a variety of growth factors that promote wound healing. It also has natural antibacterial properties, reduces pain immediately on contact with a wound and its usage is not influenced by patient’s blood group. `Amnion` for medical use till now required its cryogenic freezing at     (-) 80* and to be used within 48 hours.
Researchers at University of Nottingham’s School of Medicine have been successful in processing the membrane and preserving its therapeutic properties in a new easy-to-store dry format and have successfully prepared a biological dressing `Omnigen’. When applied, the natural moisture in the eye works to rehydrate the patch and immediately delivers 70% reduction in pain of the patient. It retains its antibacterial features and speeds up the healing process. It can be applied like a contact lens and can remain in the eye as a type of scaffold on which eye cells can subsequently grow to facilitate healing
Omnigen will help treatment of injured soldiers in the field or people living in remote areas. 
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