Need for an aggregated online medical market place and how will it benefit the end users
  • May 16, 2016
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Need For An Aggregated Online Medical Market Place And How Will It Benefit The End Users

The internet revolution and advancements in technology are reshaping every industry vertical.  Today, one can avail a gamut of services from any corner of the world, simply from the comfort of their homes.

Although, globalisation and the vast internet connectivity have enhanced every sector, the online healthcare industry is still in its nascent stage. Presently, no ecosystem exists that provide all the healthcare services on one platform at affordable rates.

The current online healthcare industry is disorganised and segregated. In addition, there is mistrust amongst healthcare service providers due to past experience with certain online services, who started off as free but later on became huge cost burden for them.

There is a dire need to address this extremely fragmented online healthcare sector where the end user can be either a patient or a service provider. Utmost priority should be given to the convenience of a patient who is already suffering, preventing them from any further hardships. But alongside, the healthcare service providers should also not be burdened with huge recurring costs.

Keeping all the above issues in mind in the e-healthcare space, a platform which offers all-in-one services is the need of the hour. An aggregated online medical market place acts as a one stop, user-friendly platform catering to all the healthcare needs like physician, diagnostic centre, hospitals, clinics, pharmacy, dentist, gynaecologist, homecare and many more facilities for the end users. All of the above services can be brought together under one roof and that too at very negligible costs to the service providers, which will eventually benefit the patients looking for a convenient, reliable and affordable healthcare.

The need of an aggregated online healthcare platform is to foster collaboration and help users to evaluate and use quality, certified healthcare solutions. The aim is to associate, communicate and work together for improved healthcare solutions and streamlining the entire system. 

Bringing convenience at finger tips, an e-healthcare platform is a hassle-free, time & cost effective way of providing seamless connectivity of the users, bringing a great deal of ease and convenience to the patient and their family/care takers. In addition, it eliminates the extra costs which are routinely seen in the services being provided by other vendors.

An online medical marketplace acts as a foolproof system which cannot be tampered with. The patient’s privacy and credentials is given priority and the details, records of the patients are shared only after his/her consent. It helps to maintain transparency as medicines and drugs are sold with proper prescription and bill is provided to the users. Healthcare service providers can also benefit by B2B interfacing via such platform.

An aggregated e-healthcare platform act as a dedicated health platform where each and every health care service provider (doctors, diagnostic centre, physicians, pharmacies etc.) can register itself and can offer services online within few clicks. Such platforms offer “Digitisation” of clinics at nominal rates, providing video consultations from doctors from any part of the world which can immensely improve the reach of healthcare. This will not only save the travel time but also bring a great deal of convenience for the elderly and patients located in remote areas. Also a personalized monitoring plan suited to patient can easily be set up and each patient database can be created.

An aggregated healthcare portal also standardizes prices and processes and helps in creating & tracking individual health profile. At the same time, it brings ease, convenience and a quality experience empowering users with information about health and regular check-ups. It brings transparency in the healthcare system across the globe and enables users to make informed choices.

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